Engineering Insurance

Machinery Breakdown Insurance

    Engineering insurance is a form of insurance designed to cater and offer protection to owners or operators of construction sites whose properties, plant & machinery…


Any plant and machinery is subject to breakdown or damage regardless of quality, age or the care given by its owners. Damage such as disrupting machine or flywheel or impact from falling load or other extraneous causes could result in an expensive loss involving several machines.

Moreover, breakdowns which are confined to a single machine or plant may produce losses approaching the full value of such plant or machine. Breakdown of machines like turbo, alternators, cranes and the like can result in large losses.

Items that may be insured include:
1. Electrical equipment, including alternators and generators, motor rectifiers, switchgear and transformers.
2. Boilers, oil firing equipment, fans and blowers and feed pumps.
3. Lifting equipment, including cranes of all types, derricks, cantilever, portal and overhead travelling conveyors and lifts.
4. Mechanical plant and process machinery.

Major covers provided are against Electrical and Mechanical breakdowns.

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