Aviation Insurance


Aviation Insurance provides coverage for hull losses as well as liability for passenger injuries, death, environmental and third party damage caused by aircraft accidents.

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Hull All Risk
This covers all risk of physical loss or damage to the aircraft from any cause except excluded. The hull consist of the airframe, engine and instruments. It is usually written on an agreed value basis - this is the amount agreed at the time of the aircraft attachment to the policy. No depreciation is applied at the time of claim Insurers waive right to replace.
It covers risks excluded under the all-risk programme. It covers war (civil and war where no formal declaration) terrorist act, malicious or sabotage act, confiscation,hijacking or any unlawful seizure etc.
It insures a proportion of the hull excess under the all-risk cover.
This covers physical loss or damage to engine parts, component not attached to the aircraft, it is either covered in the spare section or separate policy with a small deductible.
This cover is taken by the insured when he has enforced an aviation liability insurance policy(the primary policy) which covers war and other excluded perils against bodily injuries and property damage. He then buys a war Excess liability policy cover for the deductible on the original policy, whereby if the limitation is exhausted in the primary policy, the excess war liability is called upon.
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Workmen’s Compensation

The Workmen’s Compensation policy provides benefits to workers who may sustain injury resulting into death or disability in the course of their duties. The policy is usually taken by employers of labour and is one of the several policies legislated by law. The benefits payable are graduated on a scale based on the employees annual salaries. In addition to disability and death benefits,the Workmen’s Compensation product also makes allowance for some medical expenses

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Work Men Compesation