General Accident


This policy is designed to indemnify the insured against loss or damage resulting from theft or attempted theft which is accompanied with actual forceful or violent entry into or out of the premises or any attempt at that place or time. The items usually covered under this policy are similar to those under the Fire/Extraneous Perils policy with the exception of Buildings and Loss of Rent


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Professional Indemnity

Professional indemnity is issued to indemnify professionals against legal liabilities or losses arising from claims over breach of duty in the course of the execution of insured’s business. This form of policy is suitable for professionals such as engineers, architects, doctors, pharmacists, etc.

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Our policy covers goods being carried from one location to another. Any loss not specifically excluded under the policy is covered and the insurance is especially suitable for organizations that are engaged in movement of goods either by road or rail. Typically, the cover will operate whether the goods are being conveyed by owner’s vehicles or commercially hired vehicles. Losses arising from Fire and Theft are covered under this policy.

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Good in transit

Workmen’s Compensation

The Workmen’s Compensation policy provides benefits to workers who may sustain injury resulting into death or disability in the course of their duties. The policy is usually taken by employers of labour and is one of the several policies legislated by law. The benefits payable are graduated on a scale based on the employees annual salaries. In addition to disability and death benefits,the Workmen’s Compensation product also makes allowance for some medical expenses

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Work Men Compesation
Fidelity Guarantee

This policy indemnifies against infidelity of an employee which leads to financial loss. It covers for the loss of money, goods and/or stock arising from dishonesty, embezzelment or misappropriation of company’s funds &/or property by employees.

Money Policy

The Policy protects your business against the loss of cash while in transit either to or from the bank as well as while on your business premises provided it is securely locked up in a safe.

Public Liability

This type of insurance covers any awards of damages given to a member of the public because of an injury or damage to their property caused by you or your business. It also covers any related legal liability to third party, costs and expenses as well as accidental death.

All Risk

All risks insurance as the name implies covers “all risks” of theft, loss or accidental damage to property insured. This insurance is the widest form of cover especially for property, however not all kinds of risks can be covered as there are exceptions.